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    Sweetest girl ever (Taken with Instagram)

    Sweetest girl ever (Taken with Instagram)

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    Age one going on sixteen. (Taken with Instagram)

    Age one going on sixteen. (Taken with Instagram)

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    Been a while

    Here I am nearly 7 weeks into fatherhood and it all feels like a blur.

    There have been baby smiles, fussy nights, spit up and snuggles. Work has been twice as busy and I’ve had half the energy. School is in the final stretch and I am having to do my most intense thinking at times when I feel I’ve lost my mind. My wife and I miss each other but we love the time we have. There have been ups and downs, days I feel like I can’t make it and many more days when I feel like I could never have it any other way.

    I love my family. Everything has changed this year… All for the better. I’m holding Dakota as I speak and it’s amazing. I’m pushed to my brink often but my brink is expanding. I’m excited for what the future holds.

    From this time last year, things couldn’t be any more different.

    Or better.

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    Being a dad rules

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    Truth: Annoying Interview Questions
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    The Remnants of Uncertainty

    When I created this blog, I was moving from a music website where I maintained a blog. On that site, I admittedly posted a lot more about my personal life than my music tastes, so I came here to have a more personal and expansive experience. I never quite fell in with the culture of tumblr. I’m not much of a picture poster or reblogger. I don’t really think hard enough about music to share with everyone. I’ve always liked blogs for writing my thoughts. In that way, I’ve treated them more like an open diary.

    The title of this blog came from a song I wrote when I was in high school. I wrote it when I was 14, but it is to this day one of my proudest works. Not surprisingly, it is likely the onlypiece of writing I still like from that time of my life. In that song I talked about the gap between happiness and creativity. I always found that writing came easier when my life was tumultuous. I’m sure many others do as well. So in the song, I wrote about a creative masterpiece marred by the fact that I was alone. Then, when I found happiness, I had no more creativity.

    Despite the dated nature of that song, it still held true years later when I created this blog. I titled it because I felt it appropriate. I was lost and feeling completely broken, this blog was the remnants of all the uncertainty in my life. And looking back through posts, I can see the lonely guy I was. Always grasping. Always trying to find some love or appreciation. The best thing this blog did for me was help me cope. It gave me an avenue to put out some song ideas. Writing the album that became “Bookmarks” was a cathartic experience.

    Now I find this place an old avenue I don’t visit quite as often. This is what happens when the angst of youth starts to fall away a bit. Life is still hard sometimes of course, but when you are married and have a kid you start turning to the family you have instead of the family of people you’ve created in a community like this. It is the way things are.

    So now I turn to tumblr for something new. I’ve created a blog for my daughter that is private and a way to capture and share the memories we have of her in her young life. As for this blog? I’m going to retitle it and try to make it something different. I’m not quite sure my interests fall in line with the tumblr crowd I used to associate with. But if I ever find the time, I may post thoughts on music, sports, current events, or whatever else strikes me as something to write about. The social media landscape is so large that there is no way I can possibly hope to maintain a normal life while trying to keep up with it all, but I’ll check in when I can.

    As for the remnants of uncertainty, there are no more. I am certainly happy now. The remnants have been picked up.

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    Kyle Monroe: 10 Things I Used To Enjoy & No Longer Do... Vice Versa


    10 Things I Used To Enjoy & No Longer Do…

    1. Screamo Music

    2. Candy

    3. Traveling/Living in a van

    4. Skateboarding

    5. Hanging out outside of a convenient store

    6. Swimming

    7. Trampolines

    8. The summer heat

    9. Energy Drinks (powerade, gatorade, etc…)

    10. Disney Channel

    (oh yeah… 11….

    Amen, I’m pretty much exactly on board with everything on these lists.

    …growing up.

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    rawrawrawr: Tomorrow on the radio...


    I am producer for a show that’s hosting all of the mayoral candidates for my state capitol. Which I’ve been working on booking for the last 3 weeks. It’s also my first official day as producer for the show…because the former producer [the guy who got me the internship that led to my job as…

     It is not career progress until the stakes are higher. This is scary, but awesome as well. Best of luck to my favoritest Bri!

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    You might know by now that Maddy and I eloped this past weekend at Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe.

    It wasn’t exactly spur of the moment. We’ve been talking about getting married really since we started dating. Then we knew we were having Dakota and we focused on her. We went back and forth about whether to wait and have a big wedding but decided we really wanted to unite the family before Dakota came.

    At first we were just going to go the court house and make it official, but I wanted this to be special. I proposed about two weeks ago and set a plan for Tahoe. We got married at Emerald Bay and had a beautiful dinner afterward. We didn’t invite anyone, not even parents, and it was perfect. If anyone out there is thinking of getting married, I highly recommend eloping just the two of you. There is nothing more romantic or perfect for that moment. We plan to have a big one later with all our friends and family to celebrate. But this was our special moment.

    I love my family. I’m so happy. I can’t wait for my daughter to join us.

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    Oh yeah.

    Oh yeah.

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    Too much Harry Potter. I need to get far away from here.

    Its mostly because I have to watch the trailer a dozen fucking times a day at work and listen to Voldemort going “nyuuhhhhhhh” but currently I am a little sick of Harry Potter. I have to work for the midnight show, too. I’m kind of looking forward to it being over. My big childhood ending catharsis moment was the 7th book, certainly not the 8th movie.

     My thoughts exactly.

    (Source: fygirlcrush)

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My Jabird is getting married today.
Wish I could be there to reenact this scene from 4 years ago </3

 We’re all growing up!


    My Jabird is getting married today.

    Wish I could be there to reenact this scene from 4 years ago </3

     We’re all growing up!

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    Self-reflection is my number one joy in blogging. I enjoy sharing thoughts on music, sports, the current social lexicon and whatnot. But the true benefit comes from what I can record of my thoughts; frozen in time and stuck onto this little space of mine.

    Good friend sent me a link to a song she had posted a year ago that included my response. My god I was angsty! Makes sense though. I was bitter. I was lonely. I was hurt. I had no purpose, at least in my head. The years since I was a late teenager have been filled with me searching. I always felt that instead of being able to roam free I was more like a dog tied to a tree, stuck to a certain area. And I dug around and messed up all the nice grass and kicked up a lot of dirt. I barked and I growled. I also just took this metaphor too far.

    But really, I searched for that purpose. I never understand why it wasn’t enough. I worked! I kept going to school even when the particular university didn’t work out. I had places to live. I wrote music. I connected with people in person and through various forms of social media. I was still lonely though.

    My life partner (girlfriend seems a bit too adolescent for the life we have now) told me that she could see I just wanted to be appreciated and loved. It was really as simple as that. And I always thought it might be that simple, but never felt it could be that simple.

    But it is that simple.

    Because bad days still happen and I’m still in school and still working and still making music and doing all the things I did before. But I have a woman I love who sleeps next to me every night and a little girl who belongs to me that will be joining us shortly. I have my family now.

    And since I’ve had this family all the prior excitement I’ve encountered in my life has returned. Career prospects! Graduation! New songs! My hobbies are truly my hobbies now. I don’t rely on them to drive me like I used to. Because while it made for good angst-riddled writing, it wasn’t sustainable. I was still always trying to dig in with someone else and have a family. When my friends all left and started to move on, I just couldn’t get enough from the various wonderful (and awful) personalities I met. Now it all just means more. Working on new songs while Maddy listens and gives feedback is incredible. I want them to be perfect for her. I never thought graduation could mean more to me than it would (because it has been 5 years and counting and so much hell to get there), but having my daughter and my partner there to see me walk makes it perfect. New job opportunities allow me to provide more for my family while making those exciting changes in my career.

    And the further I get, the more I can do for us. And that is the operative word. I have an us now and I can help us go where we want and do what we want.

    For a lonely guy, that’s all I ever really wanted.

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    I can understand all that you are
    I can even take all that you’re not
    I can sympathize with all you want to be
    But don’t fuck me in front of me

    I can even scores with the best of them
    I can leave my innocence at bay
    You can turn your back on my sincerity
    But don’t fuck me in front of me

    Good days
    Dirty ways
    I saw the look you gave her
    Breathing in
    Begin again
    May god go out to save her

    I could say I blame you for everything
    Instead I think I’ll recognize my part
    Bleeding doesn’t highlight who I want to be
    But don’t fuck me in front of me
    Yeah don’t fuck me in front of me

    Times like these are when I really miss Bri, because she gets me. She can find a sweet indie song that captures the state of mind I’m in. It’s that perfect combination of raw emotion (don’t fuck me in front of me) and self-reflection (Instead I think I’ll recognize my part).

    Thank you, Bri. You keep me knowing me. And P.S, I want to ditch Comic Con and get sushi and ice cream again.

    Hey friend…isn’t it amazing how much things can change after just a year?

    (via shakybabydeer)

     Yeah, it really is. My god! It is so nice to not be angsty anymore and instead just stoked about my daughter Dakota being born in September! Hell, the baby shower is Sunday! My, how a lot really has changed.

    Btw, still miss you all the time, that hasn’t chaged. :)

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    This is easily

    The busiest, craziest, most exciting time of my life. And when I think about the future, it’ll only get busier, crazier, and more exciting. Gotta love it.

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